About College of Paramedical Sciences

College of Paramedical Sciences, Adesh University, Bathinda has been established in Adesh Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Center Complex with an aim to provide trained paramedical manpower with hand on practical knowledge in the field of Paramedical Sciences. Established in the year 2006 with an aim of providing job opportunities to the students of this backward belt of Punjab by training them in the field of carious paramedical sciences, the College of Paramedical sciences has leaped great strides, and now imparts training in graduate/postgraduate fields of paramedical programme in Medical Laboratory Technology, Radiography & Imaging Technology, Operation Theatre Technology, Anesthesia Technology, Cardiac Care Technology, Dialysis Technology, MRI/CT & Optometry. The institute is providing training in paramedical subjects by way of regular class room and bed side teaching, with hands on training in the state of the art diagnostic laboratories and operation theatres.


Our mission is to provide hands on training to the students who wish to excel in the field of allied- diagnostic and investigative branch. Paramedical experts play a very important role in helping the doctor make an accurate diagnosis for treatment, cure and overall care of patients. More often than not, the role of Paramedics is both diagnostic and therapeutic; Paramedic include X-ray technologists, medical laboratory technicians, Cardiac Care Technologist, dieticians, food services workers, emergency medical technicians, safety engineers, pharmacists, sanitary engineers, microbiologists, optometrists, Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, radiographers and prosthetic & orthotic engineers. With the increase in medical facilities, policlinics, diagnostic centers, labs, hospitals and clinics, there is a glaring need for various paramedical experts, technicians, nurses and pharmacists. Our mission is to provide hand-on training to the students who wish to excel in the field of allied-diagnostic and investigative branch.

Job Opportunities

Medical technologists have unlimited choices of practice setting. Hospitals, Independent Laboratories, Clinics, public health facilities and Industry, all currently have positions open for qualified technologists. Additional opportunities are available in Molecular Diagnostics, Molecular biotechnology, Companies and in vitro Fertilization Laboratories as well as in Research Labs..